The Benefits Of Participating In A Hashnode Hackathon

The Benefits Of Participating In A Hashnode Hackathon

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Recently, I competed in my first Hackathon which was the Netlify X Hashnode Hackathon that concluded at the end of February.

I really enjoyed the experience and wanted to share the benefits I found of participating in a Hashnode Hackathon. Additionally, with the Hasura Hackathon taking place now, this article details various reasons why you should make the most of this opportunity and participate.

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The Benefits

#1: Win A Prize

One of the benefits of participating in a Hashnode hackathon is that if your submission is good enough, you may win a prize. Depending on the hackathon, the prize may be cash, cool merchandise, specific platform credits or a gift card.

Hashnode hackathon typically have 5 grand prizes as well as 10 runner up prizes so there's plenty of opportunity for you to be a winner. Additionally, you get a participation badge on your blog which is awarded to all winners.

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#2: Learn & Grow

Another great benefit of participating is that you will certainly learn from the experience. Whether you learn a new platform the hackathon is based on, or just learn how to document your work, the learning experience is great and helps you grow as a developer.

In the Netlify Hackathon I recently participated in, I learned how to use Netlify Functions which I will certainly be implemented in some of my future projects. I also learned how to document my work in the form of an article, and how to create an open-source project.

There is no doubt that Hashnode hackathons are great opportunities to learn and grow as a developer.

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#3: Gain Recognition

Another benefit is earning recognition for your skills. There is no doubt that getting noticed for what you are capable of is a challenge in the development community. However, with Hashnode hackathons, you can get the recognition that you deserve by putting in the effort to build a great application.

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#4: Launching Real Apps

By taking part in a Hashnode hackathon, you get the opportunity to launch your own awesome application and see what the community thinks of your work. Hashnode hackathons are a fantastic way to gain practical experience building and launching a real application.

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#5: Have Fun

Last but certainly not least, you get to have an awesome, fun experience building and sharing your application. I can tell you from my personal experience that the journey from building an application, writing an article about it and sharing it with the awesome Hashnode community is incredibly fun and rewarding.

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Take Away

If you do decide to start taking part in Hashnode hackathons, just remember:

  • Whether you win or not doesn't matter. Either way you've built a cool project to show off to the world (and add to your portfolio) whilst having fun.

  • Try to learn as much as you can and enjoy the experience

  • Check out what other people are building and spread positivity with reactions and comments ๐Ÿ˜€

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