My Favorite Front End Tech Stack

My Favorite Front End Tech Stack


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In this article, I will be discussing my favourite front end tech stack including libraries, languages and tools. I decided to write this article since maybe you might want to try out this tech stack in your own projects or maybe you are looking for some front end tools to add to your belt.


React is the frontend framework i use in the majority of frameworks. If you don't know what React is, it is a frontend library maintained by Facebook for building user interfaces. From hooks to the virtual DOM, React is a great option for building user interfaces.


React-Router is a must-use package with React since it allows you to setup different routes in your application that would link to different pages. Its really simple to use and has a great developer-experience.


My preferred library for state management in React is Redux. Redux has been around for a while and I think its the best option available (at least for larger projects). On smaller projects I either implement the Context API with the useContext hook or I simply use props. With @reduxjs/toolkit, it is incredibly easy to setup (compared to the past) and it also doesn't have too high of a learning curve.


TypeScript is great! It allows you to strongly type your JavaScript and can added to react by adding a simple flag to your create-react-app command. TypeScript helps prevent bugs and issues early since it type checks your code and throws more exceptions. I would highly recommend you start using TypeScript in your projects.

Tailwind CSS

I recently began using Tailwind CSS and I must admit I've been really enjoying it. Its utility-based approach seemed a bit messy at first however the customization it brings makes up for it. Prototyping user interfaces quickly whilst also building a custom design was quick a pain prior to Tailwind CSS. Its definitely my favourite front end design framework.


React helmet is a very helpful package for your React applications since it lets you manipulate the head of the HTML document through your React components. This means that you can change the title of the page dynamically as well as add SEO tags (though not as effective as Next.js SEO).

Take Away

This has been my favourite front end tech stack to build application with in 2021. I hope you enjoyed the article.

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