Full Stack Portfolio Projects You Need To Build Now

Full Stack Portfolio Projects You Need To Build Now


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A portfolio is a developer's greatest asset. It it shows off exactly what a developer is capable of building and is almost needed to get a developer job in today's climate.

Your portfolio needs to be filled with aesthetically-pleasing, functional projects so you can show an employer that you would be a great asset to their company. In this article, we will be covering 3 different full stack projects that will boost your portfolio.

The Bug Tracker

The bug tracker, if built right, is a phenomenal project to add to your portfolio. Its an application that an employer has probably used in the past so they will know what a good bug tracker looks like.

So what is a bug tracker?

A bug tracker is an application where users can handle bugs/issues for their projects by creating tickets. In the application, an admin user would be able to create projects which are essentially collections of tickets which are issues in the application. These tickets have statuses (e.g not started, in progress, etc.) and are assigned to a user with the developer role.

Take a look at an example I've built and added to my portfolio: Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker Screenshot

This project shows off many great skills to an employer:

  • You can build functional, secure authentication systems
  • You can implement a role-system with your users
  • You can build CRUD functionality
  • You can build real-world applications

This project is great and I would recommend you build it and add it to your portfolio.

The Financial Portal

The financial portal is another great project to add to your portfolio. You may have used a financial portal before so you are probably familiar with the basic concept of one. Essentially, it allows users to create bank accounts with balances and spending targets, then they can add transitions to these bank accounts which will affect the balance of course. You can also make deposits to each bank accounts which increases the balance.

Take a look at an example I've built and added to my portfolio: Financial Portal

Financial Portal Screenshot

This project also shows off some good skills like:

  • Authentication
  • CRUD Functionality
  • Sending emails on the backend
  • Performing real-time calculations (e.g adjusting balance according to transactions)

This project is another good web application that will make your portfolio much better.

A Social Network

A social network is another great project you should build and put on your portfolio. Some features you would probably want to include could be:

  • Authentication
  • CRUD functionality with posts
  • Real-time messaging with WebSockets
  • Profile Customization

This project is great because not only does it show off great skills but you can really customize it and make it your own. There are no limits to what you can add to this project.

Make it unique. Make it functional. Make it yours.

Its as simple as that.

Other Tips

Make It Look Good

When building these projects, make sure you put in the effort to make them look good as well as completely functional. Looks are very important since a good looking user interface gives a good impression to a potential employer/client looking at it.

Make Sure You Deploy It

Deploying your applications is important so that an employer can use a live demo of the application and get a feel for it themselves. AWS has a free-tier which could be used to deploy your applications for free. Heroku is another good free platform for you to deploy your full stack applications with.

If you're unable to deploy the application for any reason, make sure you make a quick video demonstrating the application so that people can see how it looks and how it works.

Take Away

Today, we've covered 3 different projects you should build and add to portfolio. I recommend you build these projects using whatever tech stack you are proficient in and add them to your portfolio.

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