Beyond Front End Development

Beyond Front End Development

What should you learn next?


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So you've learned a front end tech stack? You can build amazing user interfaces with a JavaScript Framework. You can build great static websites with HTML and CSS.

But what should you learn next?

That's what we're covering in this article.

Your Options

There are plenty of options after you've learned front end web development. Your first of which is to get a job.

Get a Job

Since you have learned front end development, one option of what to do next is to work as a front end developer for a company. There are plenty of job postings on websites like LinkedIn & Indeed for front end developer positions that you may be qualified for. There are many benefits of working as front end developer:

  • You can work remotely from anywhere in the world (same for most developer positions)
  • You can express your creativity in your websites
  • You can make a great income whilst having fun of course
  • Many more

I'm not here to sell you on whether you should get a job or not. I'm saying its a great option that you might want to consider for your future.

However, if you want to learn more technologies, I would suggest learning a backend stack.

Learn Backend Development

Learning backend development is a great option at this stage of your journey since you have a solid grasp of how websites work on the front end and how to build them.

Learning a backend language will allow you to build your own full stack applications with your own API that could do whatever you want. There many options for backend languages you could use. Here are a few:

  • Node.js
  • C# .net
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Ruby

Node.js is bolded as its what I learned and what I would recommend

Before choosing a language to learn, you should consider:

  • The job market in your area
  • Your interests (e.g if you are also into machine learning python would be a great choice)

After learning a backend language, you should also learn a framework for that language. The specific framework you should learn is based on the language but here are few options you may choose:

  • Node.js: Express.js, Koa.js, Adonis.js
  • C#: ASP.NET
  • Python: Django, Flash
  • PHP: Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter
  • Ruby: Ruby on Rails

Learning a framework for your language is important since most frameworks take care of the bells and whistles for you. They allow you to focus on building the functionality you desire and not the architecture and under the hood elements.

Some frameworks are more minimalistic and give you more control on exactly how you structure your application while others are more opinionated and force you to do things certain ways.

Do your own research and make your choice.

Before or after you've learned a framework, you should definitely learn a database. Databases are typically broken into two categories of relational and non-relational.

Some examples of each include:

  • Relational: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Non-Relational: MongoDB, DynamoDB, CouchDB

Certain languages work better with certain types of databases. For instance, NoSQL (non-relational) databases work better with Node.js and relational databases like MySQL work better with PHP.

Obviously, do your own research (after reading this article) as there are plenty of resources that go into a lot more depth.

Learning backend development is certainly a great option after learning front end for you to become a great full stack developer.

If you aren't interested in this path, you could always get into mobile app development.

Learn Mobile Development

If you've learned a technology like React in your front end journey, learning how to create mobile apps is another great option. With frameworks like React Native, you can use your front end skills to build effective, aesthetic mobile apps.

I personally didn't take this route since I was not really interested in mobile app development but if you are its a great next step in your coding career.

As always, do your research, read other detailed articles on each respective topic to make an educated decision on what you wish to pursue.

Take Away

As you know now, there are many options of what you could learn after learning front end development. Whether you choose to get a job, learn backend development, or start developing mobile apps, remember to always practice and maintain your front end development skills. Good luck in whatever pathway you choose!

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